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Interview: Krypteum’s Brenton Naicker on How People Can Trust the Crypto Market

In this special interview, TechFinancials sits down with Brenton Naicker, the head of strategy at Krypteum, to talk about how people can thrust the crypto market.

South African-based Krypteum is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) powered investment cryptocurrency with the ability to trade itself using machine learning and AI.

Krypteum trades blockchain assets using an AI based proprietary method of financial trading called Smart Volume Analysis (Smart VSA).

Smart VSA is a complex, self-reinforcing system based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that predict cryptocurrency markets. Huge volumes of financial data are collected, stored, processed and analysed in order to constantly increase the accuracy of predictions.

This technology allows Krypteum to provide a very low barrier to entry for investors.  This, coupled with the affordable minimum investment requirement of R1 480, means that Krypteum offers investors an accessible, low risk cryptocurrency investment, with the potential for high rewards.

We asked Naicker the following questions:

‘The world’s first artificial intelligence powered investment cryptocurrency with the ability to trade itself using machine learning and A.I.’ – can you explain this in layman’s terms?

Naicker: In a nutshell this is the world’s first crypto investment that’s able to invest itself. No more paying huge teams of highly expensive actuaries and data scientists to tell you how and when to invest or paying financial intermediaries and brokers to execute your trades or watch your investments for you.

The A.I technology does all of this for you. Through our tech we are connected in real-time to dozens of different sources of data which includes the ability to gauge social media sentiment. It receives and analyses financial data on your behalf, from every corner of the globe, 24-hours a day.

The system also gets “smarter” the more data it receives, thus as time goes on it gets better at its job.

The cryptocurrency market, in general, has received a lot of backlash with e.g. Bitcoin with ‘experts’ warning consumers to stay far away from it. And while it is legal, it is also not regulated in South Africa. How can people trust Krypteum?

Naicker: There is little to no regulation worldwide, and we agree that this is problematic so we have been in meetings with the South African Reserve Bank’s Fintech program to pre-emptively ensure compliance and assist in drafting of regulation where possible.

Trust is a big factor in this space due to the lack of regulation. As such most people tend to judge the cryptocurrency market based on the credibility of the founders and backers of the project.

Our credibility comes from the fact that it is completely transparent and has a detailed white paper available on the website as well as the fact that the company that developed the software is Kagiso Interactive. Kagiso Interactive has been around for over 12 years within the software development and mobile applications development fields and has won multiple awards, locally and internationally.

Our CEO and founder, Priven Reddy is a well-known and successful South African tech entrepreneur.

What can investors expect from Krypteum?

Naicker: We are in our infancy phase but we are expecting huge growth not only in the price of Krypteum’s coins, but also in the performance of the system.

We are also almost complete with the development of our crowd sourced improvement platforms, Krypteum Mercury, Venus and Apollo which should attract some of the best and brightest minds in the world with the aim of improving the performance of Krypteum’s A.I software.

Investment industries often give the impression that the only way to play in this space is to be an expert. However, we have mitigated these barriers by creating an investment system that does all the hard, and smart, work for you.

  • Brenton Naicker is the head of strategy at Krypteum. He came on board in order to advise the technical team on the non-technical aspects of Krypteum.

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