The Incredible Journey of a PR Intern


Needless to say, a website is an essential tool needed by all companies operating in the 21st century. It plays an important part in developing a company’s image and reputation. Speaking from experience, if I search for a business and find that their website is either not working or that it’s outdated, I immediately exit the browser and search for an alternative.

After being exposed to the back-end of MANGO-OMC’s website, I was extremely fascinated by how the whole system works. I had always wondered how websites are developed according to a company’s Corporate Identity (CI) and other specifications, but now I know. When I started at MANGO-OMC, I was responsible for a few website tasks such as uploading my blog and updating our client news section.


Now, 5 months down the line, because I was given more intense tasks, I feel that my skill set has broadened immensely. Even though working on the website is exciting, it’s an extremely detail-orientated task. It’s important that when you’re updating a website, or making changes, you ensure that you double, even triple check your work. Mistakes happen so easily and these glitches could inevitably have a negative effect on the overall image of your company.

I would suggest that companies always keep in mind their website, along with their social media platforms when changes take place within the business. These changes could be something as small as adding or losing a staff member or as big as a company rebrand.



My experience working on the website was informative and relatively easy as I had a colleague teach me the ropes. As I’m a person who loves taking on new challenges, I look forward to more website-driven tasks. To anyone who has recently worked on their company website or to those who are simply intrigued at how a website is put together, I encourage you to go the extra mile to learn more about the website and how it works in order to heighten your overall skill set. We are living in the digital age and having these skills could be extremely beneficial.


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