Aileen Lamb

General Manager, Consumer Division, New Media Publishing


Our experience of working with MANGO-OMC has only been positive, we absolutely love working with Nicole and the team and really feel as if we are all one company striving toward the same goals. Each and every year they over deliver on PR value for Eat Out, just when we think we have hit a ceiling, Nicole and the team go ahead and deliver beyond expectations. Their agility is impressive and they really get the results time after time.

I have to also add during a PR challenge, I would never want to have anyone else by my side, Mango OMC manage difficult situations with pace, professionalism and to complete solution. They are all delightful to work with, super clever and a truly fabulous partner – we simply couldn’t do it without them!

Here’s to the next 5 years!

Frank Graewe testimonial MANGO-OMC PR and Digital

Professor Frank Graewe

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Cape Town and Munich

Our experience with the team of MANGO-OMC has been positive on all aspects. Their approach is dynamic and goal orientated with insight into the medical industry. We launched our new branding and website through MANGO-OMC and their team, and we were satisfied with the processes and are very happy with the outcome.

I can strongly vouch for them.

Nadia Boucher

Online Brand and Marketing Manager,

MANGO-OMC has serviced the group of brands for a number of years. They have managed to successfully establish credibility with the right journalists and media that matches our target market. As an agency, MANGO-OMC always aims to get us maximum coverage and often come up with creative ideas around public relations and brand awareness as a whole.

I have found them to be extremely trustworthy, effective and they have in-depth knowledge of the media industry and what they do not yet know, they research at length. They listen, challenge, focus and innovate by looking beyond standard PR tactics to make a real impact.

I would highly recommend the team at MANGO-OMC.

Herbalife testimonial MANGO-OMC Digital PR

Herbalife International SA

MANGO-OMC has managed the PR and Communications for Herbalife International SA since May 2016. They have added value on many levels whilst consistently delivering strategic PR results.  Their responsibilities include building relationships with relevant media on behalf of the brand, and positioning Herbalife International as an industry leader in Southern Africa

During each campaign we are kept up to date with Progress Reports and what was achieved in what media and to what value.  MANGO-OMC are results orientated and we have found them a great team to work with.

Apffelstaedt testimonial MANGO-OMC Digital PR

Annemie Apffelstaedt

Business Manager, Apffelstaedt & Associates

Apffelstaedt & Associates

We have been a client of Nicole Capper and her team at Mango-OMC for over 10 years.

Mango-OMC has developed tools such as our website, infographics and a video, as well as the more traditional press releases and ongoing media liaison.

We work well with Mango-OMC as a team and hope to continue for the years to come.

Somerset Lakes testimonial MANGO-OMC Digital PR

Wayne Lowe

Senior Director, Strategic Communications EMEA


I have worked with MANGO-OMC for several years and most recently on a complex integrated communications project which required a lot of retrospective analysis and alignment of various digital communications strands. They were creative, yet structured, responsive and professional in the approach and flexible to our specific needs. Under their watch for the period of a year, the project developed an excellent community base due to their building of the relationships and they managed high volume content creatively and often went beyond their original mandate to achieve the objectives of the project. They were especially proactive on the reputational demands which were critical.

We relied on them to guide us and our client strategically, they were strong creatively and executed the campaigns, staying on point and working as part of a diverse team. I personally valued their counsel.

Ikamva, MANGO-OMC, Battle of Wits

Ronell Jordaan

Fundraising Manager


The MANGO-OMC team quickly became an extension of the Ikamva Labantu brand. As an NGO with limited resources, we expected a professional, yet no-frills approach and instead MANGO-OMC exceeded expectations.

By elevating our brand and cause message, they were able to attract pro bono partners and support and in doing so, helped reach a 10 fold return on investment – simply by working smart and truly understanding our unique position in the media space.

MANGO-OMC is a team of specialists and thought leaders in their industry. Partnering with them has been a joy!