Video Production Packages

In partnership with Black Media, Big Blue Productions South Africa and Firestarter Visual Media

The majority of our video products are designed to be made quickly and cost-effectively. To keep them ‘cheap’ and ‘quick’, most of them do not involve video shoots and voice-over recordings but are created using stock video; images, music, motion graphics and animated text. These we create in partnership with Firestarter Visual Media.

The Video Interview and Event Videos are the only categories that require live shoots and we have kept these packages as cost effective as possible by partnering with Big Blue Productions South Africa.

The rates below are for the purchase of once-off video services. Should you be using additional MANGO-OMC services, the rates could be discounted. 

Listicle video

This is a small slice of information that accents the overall campaign. These video clips are usually 15-60 seconds in duration, dependent on the word count of the message. They are simple template styled videos using client-supplied text, generated graphics and images all aimed at your target audience.

Delivery: usually 4 days from receipt of brief.

Recommended word count: 120 words.

Cost: R5,500 including music licensing and free-to-use image sourcing.

Explainer video

These 90 – 180 second bespoke video messages are designed to complement the overall corporate image or brand identity of the client. The overall explainer message is enhanced with motion graphics, video, photographs, animated text, sound effects and music.

Each project is carefully scripted to ensure strong messaging through bold text on screen. In an effort to keep costs down, these are text rather than voice driven, but if a voice over is specifically required, we will source voice artist and recording studio costs specific to the client’s needs.

Delivery: usually 8 days from receipt of brief, including storyboard and scripting.

Cost: R12,000 including the 3rd party costs of music licencing and 1 x premium stock video clip. Additional video and photographic images are sourced online from free-to-use libraries. Additional premium stock clips can be licenced from 3rd party suppliers for approximately US$80/clip. This excludes voice over costs.

Video interview

This product includes camera and audio recording. They are short (45-60 seconds) and easy to consume.

We endeavour to produce 3 x 1 minute interviews out of the shoot. Each interview will be scripted with a specific angle in mind so all three will carry a different key message.

Cost: R17,000 to shoot, edit and package (R5,700/interview).

The cost excludes:

  • Travel costs for shoots outside of city centres (Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg).
  • An auto prompt.
  • Voice-over (as the message will be driven by the interview and not a script.

Events Video

In a multi-media driven world, videography for events/launches/shows/activations/conferences or more are no longer a luxury – they’re a must-have for use on owned and earned media channels.

We have perfected a template driven method that is collaboratively driven with clients to script and brief in video production teams to not only capture the essential footage but to ensure that the marketing, communications and PR narrative runs through them in an entertaining way.

We shoot 1-minuter versions for social and earned media and longer versions for owned media channels within the same cost.

Cost: From R16,000 to shoot, edit and package.

The cost excludes:

Travel costs.

Voice-over (as the message will be driven by the content).