The Incredible Journey of a PR Intern

Then and now: a look back at the past six months

I can’t believe that I have been working for MANGO-OMC for six months already! More astonishingly, I can’t believe that I have completed six months of working and studying with very minor hiccups. The time has flown by and I never thought that I would’ve learnt and experienced all that I have in this space of time.

Looking back on when I first began my internship, I was extremely nervous and unsure of how my PR experience would turn out. I can say with certainty that I’ve seen positive progression in both my work and studies and I’m excited to see that the next six months hold! Before I started working, I saw Public Relations to be primarily about personal publicity – like working with music artists to promote and protect their brand. Going in with that mentality, I received a reality check when I realised that there was so much more to the world of PR and this realisation was a positive one for sure. I’ve come to learn about so many different aspects of PR and I’m even more excited to be a part of this industry than before.

Having been exposed to a number of facets of the industry, I think that I know where my niche lies and it’s definitely in the creative and external communications side. I love using my imagination and creativity to design collateral that can be used for both clients and internally for MANGO-OMC. I’ve also realised that I love communicating with different people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds. This passion is an important one to have in PR as media liaison means having to communicate with people from different publications on a weekly, if not daily basis – and media liaison is definitely a side of PR that I thoroughly enjoy.

I feel that this experience so far has been extremely worthwhile. I look back to the beginning of the year and realise how much I have learned, from both a professional and personal perspective, having worked in such a close-knit team. I would recommend interning to any and every student, not only to those studying Public Relations Management. I really do feel that it helps you and guides you to choose the career path best suited for you, as an individual.  Here’s to the next six months of learning and experiencing!

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