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The importance of company culture

  • August 10, 2017
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According to The Balance, company culture is merely the various factors that make up the working environment of a business. Evidently, this culture affects the way in which the employees will perform and behave both informally and formally in the work environment.

At MANGO-OMC, the company culture is great. We’re a small, high-performance team but we’re actually quite laid back, there aren’t too many ‘strict’ rules and we know how to have fun! In saying so, it’s great to work in such an environment because I know that I am able to focus on my work and do it to the best of my ability, but I know that every now and again we can all just relax and chat. I feel that this is an excellent way to work as we, as human beings are not designed to sit behind a computer screen all day with little to no interaction. I highly recommend taking a break and sometimes step away from your desk and not focus on work related issues.


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When I started at MANGO, I was not only nervous for the work I was going to be doing (as I have never worked in industry before) but I was afraid that I wasn’t going to fit in with the team. That fear soon after disappeared as I realised that I had become part of a group of people who are definite experts in the PR and Communications industry who work extremely hard, yet they understand the concept of ‘work hard, play hard’. We spend most of our time at work, so for me, it’s very important that the culture and ‘vibe’ is one that is enjoyable, but still one that expects excellence. It’s the best of both worlds.


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As I mentioned in my previous blog post titled Organising Team Events, breaking away from work and getting to know your colleagues in a more social environment is extremely important and imperative. It’s crucial because it affects the way in which you all work as a team and this is an integral part of working in the PR industry.

I’m so glad and so fortunate that I joined such a driven and passionate team – it really is such an advantage for me that I get to shadow and learn from who, I think, are the best. One tip I can definitely give everyone is to keep the type of company and the culture of the company in mind when you are looking for employment. You may be excellent at the work you do but if you don’t find yourself fitting in with the team and the culture of the business, you most probably won’t enjoy your experience.


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