The Incredible Journey of a PR Intern

Editing and creating images for PR use

It may seem unlikely, but basic image editing skills are essential for PR. For large scale projects, graphic designers and photographers are obviously brought in, but for small and quick tasks we try to do it in-house. Photo editing forms a vital part of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in PR and these skills come in handy when a visual is needed for internal (PR agency) or external (client) use.

Internally and externally, editing might be needed for things such as enhancing a picture’s colour or adapting it to fit social media and website requirements. This is very important as it affects the user experience which in turn affects overall user engagement. It’s important to become familiar with the editing software used by your agency, to not only be able to do the basic editing required, but to make the most of the software as these programs are often costly.

I have found photo editing and image creation to be an enjoyable task as it allows me to bring out my creative side. Using Photoshop has been tricky for me as I only have very basic skills and little experience in using it. Even though I’ve only been using it for a few months, I feel that my skills have improved and I have already learned so much.


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I’ve learnt that photo editing and image creation is not as straight forward as I thought and it can sometimes be quite challenging. In my opinion, the trick to using Photoshop effectively if you don’t have formal training, is to spend time playing around and learning about the different functions the software has to offer, as well as watching YouTube tutorials – there are so many of these and they are incredibly useful.

Not only is Photoshop used for enhancing colour and resizing images, I’ve also learnt to create my own images in line with both MANGO-OMC’s and clients’ Corporate Identity (CI). Creating images in line with a company’s CI is important as it creates consistency and it provides visuals relatable to a company’s brand, heightening the brand awareness and recall across all digital touch points.



I feel that I still have a lot of learning and self-teaching to do, but this only excites me. I’ve come to understand the importance of having photo editing skills in PR as well as having a good quality editing software. As a Photoshop beginner, I am looking to enhance my skills so if you have any tips or advice please leave them in the comments section below!


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