The Incredible Journey of a PR Intern

Working in a female-owned, close-knit PR agency

  • October 6, 2017
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Although I haven’t experienced working in a variety of companies, I have thoroughly enjoyed working for an agency operated by strong and talented females. It’s inspiring and motivating to see how hard the MANGO-OMC team work together in order to execute excellent strategies and plans for clients. It’s because of this that I believe MANGO-OMC to be one of the best in this forever changing and competitive PR and communications environment.

I feel working in a small and close-knit team allows for effective internal communication and input from each team member, no matter what your position is, on all projects and campaigns. From the many advantages to being an all-women team, one that I feel is important is that we all have things in common to socialise off the clock – this, in turn, contributes to a great company culture and team dynamic. The atmosphere that we work in is relaxed and enjoyable and I find that we can discuss anything with my team –  both work-related and personal.

The MANGO-OMC ladies have taught me a lot this year, and even though the busy time of the year can cause everyone to become stressed and pressured – everyone in the office always offer a helping hand and assist where they can. I feel privileged to have learned the tricks of the trade from such talented and experienced individuals in the PR, communications and digital sector. I usually learn something new every day, whether it’s how to execute an action on Photoshop, liaise with media in a certain way or learning how a company should budget, I can definitely say that this experience has allowed me to experience the working world in a good light.


In my opinion, it should be a priority of all small companies to allow their employees to interact on a social level by doing fun team-building activities as it enables them to work well together and produce work that is of the best quality. Arriving at work every day should be exciting, knowing that no matter how busy everyone is, the environment that you work in is stimulating, fun and encouraging – I have found this to be a huge boost to my self-confidence!

What are your thoughts about working in a female-owned or a close-knit agency? Leave your comments and let me know about your experiences!


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